Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Chinese New Year Break

Our chinese names
Happy Chinese New Year to all my readers! I hope you had a nice short break. We certainly did. Last year, we celebrated Chinese New Year in Hard Rock Penang. You can read about it here. This year, believe it or not, again at the last minute, we decided to go back to Penang. Dont ask me why we keep going back to Penang every Chinese New Year, I have no idea why. Actually, this time, my husband wanted to go to Langkawi to look at a few real estate but my kids prefers Penang. As this is a last minute decision, Hard Rock Penang is not available (we know what type of room we want and they didnt have any left) so we chose a different hotel.

This time, we chose to stay at The Golden Sands. We got a pretty awesome deal too. We booked direct through their website and went for the family package. This package is awesome because it includes breakfast AND dinner. Also entrance to their play area and I can't remember what else. All I know is that it was a good deal. We took the suite and it was huge. Unfortunately, because it was their peak season, the suite we got was on the 1st floor, which means, no view of the sea whatsoever. Once we got our room, we asked for a different room on a higher floor (because why stay by the beach if you dont get the beach view right?)but they didnt have any. I guess we just had to make do with what we can get. Bummer! But it was a huge room. My maid got a whole wing to herself! The balcony can easily fit 20 people if not more!

Our stay at the ShangriLa was great. 4 days 3 nights of doing nothing but swim, play, sun, sea! It was awesome (for the kids). I didnt get the chance to explore the resort as I am always with the kids but I did manage to sneak out for an hour across the street to get a foot massage. They had foot massage on the beach itself but I hate those cuz their hands will be full of sand while they are massaging you.

The place we went to across the street is managed by these few Sabahan ladies. They were really friendly and chatty too. We spent the whole hour talking about economy and the government (them talking mostly). After I spoke to them, I feel really bad for them. Economy is really bad and the low income earners like them suffers the most. I mean, of course we feel the heat too but the low income earners are the ones no one really cares about. I see a lot of economist talking about what the government is doing, yada yada yada and giving us all the numbers but at the end of the day, they still get the same salary whilst the low income earners are getting less than they normally do. For example, these Sabahans used to make about RM7000 per month before. Then came the MH17 and MH370 case and their income went down to half because tourist dont really want to come here that much compared to before. And then came the GST and again their income are going down because locals can't afford to go holidaying as much anymore. At the moment their income in under RM3000 and they work like crazy. Sometimes up to 2am. I feel so blessed that I lead this life of mine. Syukur Alhamdulillah that OK fine, I can't afford to shop that much but I still shop A LOT! For these ladies, they earn to live, whereas for me, I earn to shop! Life is so unfair when I say it like that, right? Allah knows best.

So anyway our last day in Penang, we spent 5 hours swimming. By the pool, watching Lion Dance, ate and went back to swim!

My son had his first experience on a jet ski. He went on it twice with my husband while my daughter and I just sat by the beach. She was busy making sandcastle. 5 freaking hours. If we were chinese or fair, we will be looking like lobsters but instead, we just look black! I love getting tan because it gives me a glow but come next day, I just look black!

We left Penang feeling really good. It was our first trip with our new maid. She's ok, she's good and all but I can see she's not used to all this. She doesn't know what to do and a bit culture shock. We got the buffet for her whenever we take the buffet but she will just have a bit of food. Next time, we will just order ala carte for her.

Alhamdulillah, traffic was good to and from Penang. We managed to escape the crazy traffic because we left for Penang 2 days before CNY and we left Penang on the second day of CNY.

Hurray! Fun trip and came back all black!!!

Since it was a long holiday, we decided to go somewhere nearby too before school starts. Guess where we decided to go to???

Avani Resort in Sepang! (Boy, why did we choose that place?)

Well…., We've been wanting to go check it out for a while because it looks pretty in picture. When we got there, the place was packed with people. The entrance was nice but very crowded. Mostly by tourists and you can tell that they are not locals. True enough, they were from China and Taiwan.

So anyway, a big wedding was happening in the resort and apparently the big wedding is a 2 million Ringgit wedding. The bride and groom are from India. Wow. They really go all out on weddings, huh?
Apparently they booked the whole resort that weekend.

Verdict of the place?
Well, food was ok but everything else is not up to my standard at all. The place is really run down. I can see leaking at the main restaurants and ceiling looks like it needed work!

King bed

Single beds

Our room is a good size. We got the family room which consist of 1 master bedroom with 1 king bed and another room with 2 single beds. We have a living room too and really the whole room is a good size for all of us.

The swimming pool is very small and full with people that we dare not let the kids swim. Plus, we are all already black from Penang. Everywhere you go you will probably need to get a buggy which is my kid's favourite part of the whole trip.

They also spent some time at the Kids Club which is so far away from our room. They did Batik painting and we sold their batik pieces to my mother in law! Enough money to buy toys! :)

We initially wanted to stay for 2 nights and paid for 2 nights but after 1 night of being there, we were dead bored! We left the next day.

Home sweet home!!!!

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