Thursday, June 4, 2015

Legoland, Malaysia

We booked our 3 days 2 nights stay in Legoland hotel through Agoda. It wasn't cheap. Almost RM1500 per night.

Traffic was really smooth the whole way to Legoland and it only took us about 4 hours or slightly less. Not too many cars on the road.

We got to Legoland hotel in the evening and didn't do much, just chill at the hotel. There's a lot of things to do and play for the kids in the hotel itself.

Checking in was easy and smooth. Quick too. Kids spent the whole time playing at the reception area. 

There's another area where they can play more, umm Lego (what else?).

The room is super cool. There's a king size bed in one room and outside is a double decker bed that can fit 3 people. Awesome!!!

The decor was fantastic too. So many Lego stuff everywhere around the room. 

There's this safety box thing in the room and you need to guess the combination to unlock it. You need to guess the combination based on these clues. It was quite difficult to do. At first I spent some time guessing it by trying every single number combination but I stopped after awhile and tried doing it the right way. By following the clues. I got it by Day 2 and there's some Lego freebies inside the box. Kids was so excited. My daughter said I'm such a super mummy for being able to unlock it. 

We had dinner at the mall next door. I was browsing on the Internet for local Johor Briani and they said that the one at the Medini mall is one of the best. When we got there, it was shut! Apparently the owners couldn't sustain the business. I was so annoyed. Luckily there's another place to eat.

Food here was alright. Pretty average and I wouldn't even call it authentic but beggars can't be choosers right? There was nothing else to eat there. 

The next day, we started our fun trip by going to the wet park first. They told us it's best to go to the wet park first and then go to the dry park. Apparently it's been raining in the evening so best to make full use of the wet park first. We got the combo ticket and using our Maybank credit card, you get some kind of discount. Without discount would easily cost us few hundred more. They didn't tell us about the discount and it was not shown anywhere so best to ask at the counter. Thank god I didn't pre book the ticket online otherwise I would have missed the discount! 

Kids below 3 can enter for free but only pay RM11 at the wet park. They will give you 2 swimming diapers too! Bargain! 

Kids had so much fun in the water park. Believe it or not, I DID NOT bring any swimming attire because we initially said we will not bring them to the water park (because its dirty and disgusting and people pee in the water all the time, yikes!) but seeing how excited the kids were, we just had to give them the chance to experience it. They had SOO MUCH fun. 

I did nothing but stayed by the side and trying to cover my face from melting in the hot hot sun. It was super hot I was really melting. They didn't have much shade or places to sit that is not in the sun. I had no choice but to get tanned. We spent half a day there and went back to the room around lunchtime. We had lunch in the park and went back to shower. 

After getting some rest (slept for about 2-3 hours) we made our way to the theme park. We were still so tired. Although I didn't really do much but staying in the hot sun doing nothing is enough for me. I slept like a baby in the afternoon. The theme park was ok. It was huge and there were so many fun rides. Unfortunately, most aren't suitable for both my kids. They are still too short! 

We didn't get to cover the whole theme park because it is too big and we can't be arsed to walk. There are a few playgrounds around the theme park and kids just wanted to play there. Overall it was a really fun day. Tiring but fun.

Legoland was a lot of fun. Kids really had the time of their lives. Nothing much for mummy to do but sit on the 5 minutes for RM5 massage chair. They should have a spa there or something because by the end of the day, my body was really aching and my feet were killing me. They so should open a spa at the hotel.

The hotel is awesome. I love it.


  1. thank you so much for your updates on this.. more please.. and tips on using the maybank credit card.. i heard people said buy ticket online in advance much cheaper.. so pakai maybank credit card lagi untung la yer?
    and when you book the them room, takde diskaun ke for the park?
    so is it worth for the theme room?

    1. If you book online, you need to book in advance (minimum 7 days) to get the discount. We plan ours at the last minute and didn't qualify for that online discount (which is not that much anyway) unless you pre book like a month in advance. I think using Maybank credit card is the cheapest I found and you can get it at the park itself.

      When you book the room, you don't get discounts for the park. But if you buy tickets at the hotel, you pay RM207 for 2 days park. RM207 is the price of 1 day park if you get at the gate. Still, I think its best to get the tickets at the ticket counter and use Maybank credit card instead.

      Theme room is awesome because it can fit so many people. At least 3 adults and 2 children. Breakfast is included. There are rooms facing the park (like ours) and rooms facing the main road (with no view but RM200 cheaper) so I think its better go get the theme room. We took the pirate room. Every floors have different theme.
      Kids love the hotel and even inside the room, theres so many things they can play n do (lego stuff). It's really nice!


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