Sunday, March 15, 2015

6th Anniversary

Last year we celebrated our anniversary by spending quality time at the KL Bird Park. LOL. Romantic kan? We also went for a nice Japanese dinner at Sushi Zanmai. Nothing fancy but love was all around and I remember how much fun we had that day. Although we always do fun family stuff together, somehow, that day made it more meaningful and special. 

This year, we completely forgot about our anniversary. Hence, no celebration whatsoever. Somehow, with us, we don't usually exchange gifts during anniversaries. (We so should!!!) But my husband usually would give me a nice gift for Valentine's Day instead. So yes, no celebration, no "Happy Anniversary", no kiss, nothing!!! I'm guilty as well and because of that, I can't make a big deal out of it. My husband tried to cover up by saying that my iPhone 6+ is my anniversary gift but I know he's just covering up for forgetting the most important date ever! It's ok. Whatever. No big deal.

I told him we'll still have to celebrate. He said ok. We've decided to celebrate it on Saturday. A week after our real anniversary. 

I ordered a cake for that day. I ordered MY favorite cake too. 

That morning, we did our usual thing. I sent my daughter to her Singapore Maths class and on the way back, we went to pick up the cake.

We had a singing session. My daughter sang the anniversary song. (It's the birthday song but she changed the wordings!)
Happy Anniversary to you.. Happy Anniversary to you.. Happy anniversary to mummy & papa.. Happy anniversary to you..

Blew the candles and had a slice of cake! It was my second time ordering from this lady and the cake is pretty yummy.

We stayed home and did the same thing we normally do on a Saturday. For dinner, again, I requested for Sushi Zanmai @ Avenue K!

Hurray! I'm a happy bunny. Doesn't take that much to make me happy huh? Cakes and sushi! Perfect way to celebrate.

What more could I ask for? I have the best husband (albeit a bit annoying sometimes but I love so dearly) and I have the cutest kids ever! They almost tore down the whole sushi bar but whatever... 

Happy 6th Anniversary to us. Hope we won't forget our 7th next year!


  1. where did u order that yummy looking cake...?terliur ni....

  2. Found her from Instagram! Sweetsomethings by Ina. Go look it up! If u can't find.. Email me and I'll pass her contact. She's based in Hartamas. Yummy cake!

  3. I thought its from Baked from Chelsea! Which one is nicer though? ;) *nak order jugak!*

    1. BIC is my favorite! Yum yum!!! But this is very nice too..

  4. Nak nangis tgk cake. I wantttt. Sabarrrr


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