Thursday, October 20, 2016

Miss me?

Sorry for the hiatus. I've been extremely busy the last few weeks. I dont even know where to start! Last thing I remember was my birthday and then BOOM!!! It's already almost coming to the end of October. Whatever happened in the first almost 3 weeks of October? Time really flies.

As you know, I am still maidless. I was so damn pissed off a few days back but today, I'm all calm again. In a way, it is better to be maidless than deal with an annoying maid. I just have to forget about the RM17,000 that is there at the agency right now. For now, if new maid comes… Alhamdulillah. But if she doesn't…. then it is not our rezeki yet. Life is a cycle, at some point, it will be OK again.
Being maidless is not all bad. Yeah our house is in a mess ALL THE TIME but so what. Not like we have guests over or anything.

Last week, I received an SMS from Naturally Plus to congratulate me on my achievement thus far. I couldn't be more excited because honestly speaking, I am not the most hardworking person in this business. I am pretty chilled out, laid-back and I dont do this full time. Many others are doing and working harder than me but still, despite it all… I am still doing really well. The SMS was to congratulate me and to request for me to submit my photo. My photo is going up the WALL yo! LOL. Not that it was my dream or I want to go up the wall but the fact that my photo will be up there means that I am on my way up for financial independence. I'll be earning 5 figure by the end of this year. That's pretty awesome extra money, if you ask me.

This week, I also managed to get a few things done.

1. Changed the address on my IC. Got it done at UTC and was surprised at how efficient everything was and how quick I got my IC done. Slightly over an hour to get everything done. Parking was a nightmare but apart from that, UTC Sentul rocks!

2. Registered to vote.

3. Took photo for Naturally Plus. My photo will be in the next newsletter I was told. So proud!

4. My daughter is having exam week this week. I've also spent time coaching her for exam. It's been pretty good. Still easy stuff because it is only the first semester. She got 90% for Maths which is her worst subject in Year 1. Im super proud.

5. I went for laser treatment. I'm so vain. I went to Glo in One Utama recommended by my best friend and it is so cool. I will blog about it one day. I'm glowing alright!!! LOL

6. I went for Naturally Plus training on the new system. I haven't gone for training in probably about a year and I had so much fun. Will blog about the training soon too.

So yeah…it's been pretty hectic. I hope to be back blogging soon.

Innovedge Maid Agency Sucks!

OK I have dealt with a few agencies in the past but I have not dealt with one as bad as Innovedge Maid Agency. My experience with them have been nothing but a pain in the butt since we paid them. Before getting paid, they were pretty efficient but once they get the payment and especially since we have a problematic maid, they have not live up to my expectations at all.

I am so angry that I dont know who to call to complain. I dont know who to talk to about this and I dont know who can guide me to get answers.

It is not my fault that the maid they recommended is not up to my standard. And excuse me, my standard is not all that high when it comes to domestic helpers. As long as the house is clean, kids are ok (alive & happy) I am ok to close one eye. No one is perfect and I know that.

I paid a large amount of money for that maid. After 1 month, she was sent back to the agency. It was pretty obvious that if I didnt send her then, she will run away or will create more headache. I sent her well within the trial / probation period so we can get a replacement. I've been maidless since.

My problem with Innovedge is:

1. Customer service SUCKS to the core. The agent handling my case dont know ANY answers I wanted to know. I always get "I will check with my boss" kind of answers ALL the time, which annoys me because she said she's been working there for over 10 years. How can you not know simple things and claim you've been in this line for over 10 years???

2. Boss is so bossy that when you tell her what's wrong with her service, she calls you RUDE. She asked me not to be rude when I (the customer) asked for exit memo for my maid. I demanded the exit memo when they told me the maid has left. Is it wrong for me to ask for proof? I dont think I was rude. I told her I would report the maid (as a runaway) if there is no proof that she has left (since they told me she has gone). Wrong? No. Visa is under my name. I needed to protect myself too.

3. They told me I'll get my maid in October. It is October now. No news from them. When I asked them via WA, both my msgs were read but no reply from them apart from "OK"
OK what? OK the maid is coming? OK the maid is not here?

This post is making me so angry. I'm going to go calm myself down.

Be right back
Sunday, October 9, 2016

Jibby East

Jibby East is situated in Melawati, just off the MRR2 heading towards Ampang from Gombak. I didn't know it was there until my friends told me. I always thought that it was just the Sime Darby show units but there's actually a little hip restaurant there.

If you know the Jibby restaurants, this one is the same. Nice ambience, great food and reasonably priced. I love it!

For my birthday dinner this year, I requested for Jibby East.

1. Because it is less than 15 minutes away from home
2. It was a weekday and normally we dont go out on week nights because kids must be in bed by 8.30pm
3. I went there and the food and ambience was nice
4. I wanted to show hubs the show units there for fun

Off we went to Jibby East for my early birthday dinner. My part time maid was supposed to come that evening but they didnt. We decided to go early. By 6pm, we were already out of the house and got there pretty quickly too. There was little traffic because people were all coming back from work but it wasn't too bad at all.

I wanted pasta and I ordered this. Photos dont do it justice but this was SOOOO GOOD! I think it is their Seafood Oglio Olio or something but it is da bomb. I love this so much. Highly recommended. Thinking and looking at this is making me hungry.

My husband was in the mood for burger. He ordered that and he too enjoyed his meal a lot. I didnt get to try but according to my husband, it is good.

My kids didnt have anything that they wanted to order so I ordered some vietnamese beef noodle soup for them. I requested for it to be non spicy but when it came, it was super spicy with chillies all over. It was tasty but it was too spicy for my kids. They did eat (because I forced them too) and they enjoyed it but you can tell that it was too spicy for them because they would ask for water after every spoon. Poor thing. I complained to the waiter (since I mentioned it to him a million times to make sure there was no chili and not spicy) and he was really apologetic. He even offered to get the food changed but we didnt want to wait another 10 to 15 minutes for another bowl.

We didnt order any dessert as we had my birthday cake waiting at home but will be back next time to try their desserts for sure.

Of course before we left we had to take a photo at their famous wall. It's beautiful but my camera sucks.

If you are nearby, go check this place out! Love it.

37 and staying young

If you've been following my blog then you would know that every birthdays, I will usually buy myself eye cream or some anti-ageing products. I dont know why I do it but I think it is my way of telling myself, "hey, you are getting old…get urself sorted!" Im in denial lah, what to do? I am old but I dont feel old but still, no one likes to look old right? Hence, I spend money on anti-ageing products at every birthdays.

This year, I wasn't planning on buying any products because I am very happy with IZUMIO and Super Lutein and what it is doing to me. I do feel young. I still dont have white hair (except that one or two that I found few years back, which I haven't seen since!) and I believe that these products are good anti ageing products to consume. I've been consuming for almost 2 years now and I dont consume anything else. My medical reports are good despite my unhealthy lifestyle of eating cakes all the time. So, I guess it is working for me, for sure. Both are high antioxidant and I believe they're making me look younger than I really am. Two thumbs up for these products.
I take these 2x a day everyday for the past almost 2 years!

So yes, I wasn't planning on buying anything new for my skin. Im quite happy with whatever I have already. My skincare products have always been the same. I've been using Dermalogica for years and although it doesn't make my skin look as flawless as I want it to be, it doesn't make it look as bad as it can be. I also use skincare products from Naturally Plus every other day. Im very happy with my skincare products and I have no reason to change. Just like how I'm very happy with my supplements. But one walk into Kens Apothecary one day, changed it all…..

I discovered this amazing Elixir. What the hell is an elixir anyway? God knows. All I know is that when the lady sprayed this on to my face, I was SOLD! I feel so fresh and my skin looks nice and glowing. I was told that this is a good product to use before and after makeup. OK SOLD. I bought it.

I also bought few other stuff from Kens that day. Yikes.
Actually, it's not much at all. I needed it I think. I was so pleased with my purchased.
You can't tell from this photo but the pink really POPS!
I bought a lipstick in the brightest pink I've ever bought and my oh my…the transformation was amazing. My whole face became brighter for some reason. I've been running away from bright lipstick for too long. I always chose natural / nude colours which is nice but it doesn't brighten up the face at all. I just look blehhhhh, if you know what I mean but a touch of bright pink, wallaaaaaaa….. I look all happy already! Awesome!

I also bought tinted moisturiser. OK you can scream now….. I dont use Sunblock!!!!

For real! I just dont!!!

The sales person was shocked when I told her I dont use any sunblock on my face. She had this confused puzzled look on her face "Whyyyyy?" she asked. I dont know. I just dont.
I just dont like too much stuff on my face and I dont want it to be oily. She then introduced me to this tinted moisturiser and again, I was SOLD. So easy to sell stuff to me because I am such a sucker.

Other stuff I got from Kens were all sorts of samples.

Verdict is… Kens Apothecary is my new best friend! LOVE all their stuff.

Looks like I can slowly move away from Dermalogica products.

Next, I also went to colour & highlight my hair. I've had dark hair for a long time now. One reason is because I just dont have time to sit at the salon for hours. But lately, my kids are all slowly becoming more independent. My husband can manage with them without maid. I can leave them while I get my hair done. It is so awesome being 37. I finally feel like I have back my freedom.

I love my new hair colour. I wanted to go blonde but my husband cringed. I let go of that for now. But soon, I'll be a blondie. LOL

Loving my life at the moment. 37 is the new 20. LOL. no I wouldn't want to be 20 again…..

Monday, October 3, 2016

Birthday Lunch @ Fat Fish, Mont Kiara

My girlfriends and I are super busy and hardly get time to meet. I think normally, we meet once a year for Raya or something like that but recently, in the last year or so, we decided to make it a point to meet up at our birthdays. We make it a big deal. On birthdays, we must meet up to celebrate. Just another reason to eat cake and catch up.

We've been busy and didn't get to meet earlier for my birthday so last weekend, we finally got everyone to agree to celebrate my birthday at Greyhound Cafe in town. We always order our cakes at Sweetsomethings by Ina  but Ina was not available that day so we had to find alternatives. We didn't know where to order but finally settled for a chocolate cake from Momak Lifestyle.

That morning, we were all set to meet up when one of the girls said she can't make it due to an upset tummy. Oh no!! The rest wanted to reschedule but I insisted on meeting up. It's not easy for me to get "day off" from the kids and husband you know! I pleaded for us to still go and finally, we decided to save Greyhound for another day and wait till all of us are free. In the last minute, one of them suggested we have lunch at Fat Fish. Where's that? No idea. We all had to Waze our way there.

Fat Fish is located in Mont Kiara. It is the building next to One Mont Kiara where the Coffee Bean is. There is ample parking space in front of the restaurant and Coffee Bean is right next to it.

I got there within 15 minutes from my house. Not too bad at all.

When I got there, I had no clue what kind of food they serve there. I assumed they surely have fish. That's all I know. I obviously had makeup on, did my hair all nice and wore high heels, thinking it is a proper restaurant but it is actually very chilled out place. Many of them there wore slippers and shorts.
My friends even brought balloons and whatnot. Which was so embarrassing and I had to pretend I didn't know them!

We ordered quite a lot of food. There was only 3 of us there and here's what we had….
2 types of Oysters
 Oysters were so good and fresh. I can't tell the difference between the two but one was definitely bigger than the other but both tasted oh so awesome. I dont think I've tasted any oysters better than this. It was so fresh and nice. Yum!

We ordered few types of Sashimi. Other than Tuna and Salmon, I have no clue what fish the rest were but they were all equally good. I seldom order any other than Salmon for sashimi but since my girl ordered all sorts, I had to try them all. All super good, juicy and fresh. I love them all. I'm not a fan of Tuna Sashimi but this was amazingly good!

We also ordered grilled fish. Dont ask me what fish this is, all I know is that it is SUPERB. Chef's recommendation apparently.

At first, we were all busy taking photos of our food, like a psychopath but once we started eating, we forgot to snap photos of the ones that came later because we were enjoying the food too much. Not in the photos were the crabmeat salad (I'm not a salad person but this salad is good!), we also ordered spicy tomato pasta which was also very very spicy and good.

I ordered this juice. Not bad. It is actually orange mixed with carrots but for the first time ever, I can taste the carrots more than the orange. Which is different from the rest I've tasted for this 2 combination. Nice.

After lunch, we popped over next door to Coffee Bean for cakes. We had our own cake and all but we needed to get drinks otherwise, they'll probably kick us out. LOL.

We had the cheek to ask for plates and knife too. And to top that, we even asked for tupperware to take home the cake. It was a big cake and I didnt want to bring the whole cake back.
The cake was awesome too. I still prefer my cakes from Ina but this was a good substitute.

It was such a fun day with my girls …. nothing but jokes, laughter (and tears) and cakes, not to mention a million and one selfies. All I needed to be happy being 37 with my friends.

When I got home with the balloons, my husband was like "what celebration is this with balloons and all?" "My birthday lah" LOL. You are 37 and not 17, he must be thinking …

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tokyo, wait for me!

We finally booked our trip to Tokyo for year end. I am so excited. I love our trip to Osaka a couple of years back. We really enjoyed our trip and been wanting to explore other parts of Japan. What better than Tokyo right?

Remember my post about holiday options? Well, you guessed it, kids wanted Disneyland.

Anyone knows Tokyo and familiar with the city….Let me know the best restaurant, the best places to visit and tours ok?

Tokyo, here we come!!!!!
Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Happy 37th to me

2014 and 2015 birthday was horrible. If I could erase those from my memory, I would. Of course it wasn't all bad… I had wonderful people around me to make me happy those 2 particular birthdays but in my birthday book, 2014 and 2015 birthdays, I wish I can forget forever.

This year, I was anxious waiting for my birthday. I dont know why. I just felt like something will come up on my birthday and make it horrible again. It's that feeling "I wonder what bad news I'm going to receive this year on my birthday" kind of feeling.

I celebrated my 37th birthday last wednesday and Alhamdulillah, it was a good day. It was exactly like how I want birthdays to be. Calm, cool, happy, relaxed. I feel truly blessed this year. I just feel contented and happy. Alhamdulillah. I dont know what else to say but I am truly grateful. Contented is the right word to describe my day and my life right now.

It was a school day. Being maidless, I still have to do the usual stuff I do everyday. Making breakfast, getting kids ready for school, pack their bags, send them to school, pick them up, cook lunch yada yada yada. It was the usual tiring day but throughout the day, I get wishes after wishes from friends and family, I got flowers from really wonderful friends and everyone made it special.

After I drop my kids off to school, I spent some time with the other half. He was very sweet…singing and wishing me happy birthday (and laughing at my age) the whole day. He laughed at how I still want to celebrate being old. Truth is, I just love celebrating anything. If I could celebrate being 37 + 1 day, 37 + 2 days… I so would. I just love celebrating everything! My kids, especially my daughter is like that too.

I got flowers from 2 wonderful mummies from big school during school pick up. Then we all went to the nearby florist because my kids & hubs wanted to get me flowers too.
I had to wait in the car while they go and pick flowers for me. It was a pretty huge bouquet too and they all chose what they liked. My husband loves white lillies, my daughter picked red roses (she wanted to get me sunflower but apparently my husband said no!) and my son, well, he is not into flowers so he just chose the white roses.

When I got home, I received another beautiful bouquet from Mamapumpkin & Mom2Ashley and the note that came with it was so funny! Thank you ladies for making my day extra special! Love them!!!

That night we went for dinner at KL East. It is this new area in Melawati. I went there about a week ago to meet a friend and really enjoyed my time there. It is not too far from my house so I decided to go there again for dinner with my husband and kids. It was a school night and we dont normally like to go out especially at night because then it will disturb their sleeping time. We had early dinner at Jibby East and was home by 8pm.

My cake was the most amazing cake ever. It was so freaking good! I order them at the usual place and this time, she made me the best cake in the whole wide world. My kids loved it too. After we had our cakes, we got ready for bed. I was so tired too. I slept pretty early. Being 37 is tiring!

The next day, I went for breakfast nearby school with my favourite mommies from school. We ate and talked from 10.30 till almost 2pm!  It was nice!

That weekend, we went away to Penang for a short trip. I couldn't ask for more. I am truly blessed.
My birthday celebration is not over yet. I still have birthday meet ups coming up soon with some friends. I can't wait to eat and chat! This is the best part about birthdays!