Monday, August 29, 2016

Lost My Cooking Mojo!!!

I've been maidless for quite a while now and have lost my cooking mojo. Not that I had one but I was never this bad. Goodness, I cannot even cook simple things these days. I've lost it! Totally lost it!!!

Gosh! I've come to a point where I dont know what taste good and what doesn't anymore. I dont know how to make things taste good. And best part is, I dont even know what I can cook or used to cook anymore. Lately, I find myself making the same thing over and over again. Practice makes perfect, right? WRONG! Because the more I cook that dish, it taste even more horrible every time.

What is wrong with me???

I dont know.

Cooking isn't my passion. It was never my passion. Food is, or was my passion but cooking and food is totally different thing altogether. I love food, but I hate making them. I just like to eat them.

So what should I do??

If you follow Vivy's blog, you'll know she doesn't cook and is not a good cook (according to her) but lately, I've seen her cook more and more and she's getting pretty good at it, right? How come I am the opposite? Worst part is, I am not a business mogul and I am just a housewife. Something is not right somewhere. I have another super successful friend and she cooks for her family daily too despite her super busy schedule (she's a politician too). I dont know how these people do it. I just dont know to be happy cooking in the kitchen. It's so HOT!!!!!

I need to find my cooking mojo back. I NEED to get it back because we can't keep eating out and eating disgusting food at home. Pity my family. I just need to get my mojo back and it is tough without a maid.

What should I do????

I think I need to list down stuff I can cook first and slowly start cooking again. Since we've been maidless, we I try to eat out as much as I can. Like, when my husband say "I need to go to BSC to get something…." I'll be the first to say "Oh, so we have to go there for lunch then" like…as if we can't go after lunch? Or come back home for lunch? LOL. I find excuses to go out so we can eat out.
One day, my husband commented how much we are eating out these days. Yikes. It is not cheap too. Every meal cost us at least RM100.00.
Imagine 2 meals a day during the last school holiday. That's RM200 x 30 = RM6000 a month just on food. Mind you..that's 2 meals. Of course we eat more than that everyday. Almost RM10,000 a month on food is wayyyyy too much.

So anyway…eating out is NOT CHEAP. You know that. So I need to start cooking again. Especially now since school break is over. We don't have time to go out during school days too.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hello, Year 2

Today, is the first day of Year 2 for my daughter. Time flies. I cannot believe she is now in Year 2. She's growing up way too fast.

The school that she goes to is pretty strict and very academic. Starting from year 2, the kids are streamed according to their results in Year 1. My daughter did really well in Year 1 considering she didn't go to any of the big well established school for her pre school. I am super proud of her beyond words. However, there are many others in school who are more advanced than her. Many are older too. She's one of the youngest in class. Therefore, she didn't make it to the top class. At first I was kind of disappointed (only because her best friend is in the top class and I really like their friendship and I feel sad that they are separated) but then once she got over it, I am so happy that she is where she is. I couldn't be happier.

In Year 1, we were a pretty tight group. The mothers in that class was really nice and fun to be with. They also genuinely care about each other. I can call one of them and ask them how to study or do revision and they'll tell me exactly how they do it. I'm quite sad that we all won't be together anymore but ah well, I think we will make new friends and grow new friendship.

At first my daughter was disappointed too because she knows the top class is where all the smart ones are. She felt like she's not smart and that really hurt me. She IS smart. I dont know how much smarter other kids are in their thinking and all that but to me, my daughter is super smart. She's street smart, for sure and to see that she sees herself otherwise, really is not a good feeling. I kept telling her she is smart and she needs to work harder to be with her best friend. After a few days, she got over it and I can see that she's happy about being in her new class. I hope she will enjoy it more this year and have a new best friend.

Hello, Year 2. Please be good to us me. Feeling excited!
Friday, August 19, 2016

Be my IZUMIO business partner

This month, I've hit another milestone in the IZUMIO business. I've been doing the Naturally Plus business for almost 2 years now (December will be 2 years) and I cannot believe how far I've come.

Everyone will start from zero and I must say that I never ever thought that RM155 every month will ever grow to what it is now. I dont even count how much my monthly earnings every month but let's just say, it is more than enough for me. I couldn't be happier.

When I first started, obviously there weren't any income. For quite a few months, I had to learn about the business and how to start sharing. I dont go knocking on people's door or harassing every friend to try. I share genuinely from the heart. If I think it will work for you, I will let you know. If you want to try it out, please come and give me a buzz but if you dont, it is ok. I am not pushy.

Mamapumpkin assured me that by the end of the first year, my earnings will be enough to get me a Balenciaga. She said we will get one together from our Naturally Plus earning and while it all sounded good, I always dont put too much hope. I dont want to get disappointed. Instead, I continued sharing and continued doing my thing. To me, if I can buy a bag by year end from this IZUMIO business, good for me…but if not, I'll just get a bag anyway! LOL I can afford a bag myself even without this income. After 1 year, I didn't get the Balenciaga. I got myself something else instead. But Mamapumpkin was right, I could get a Balenciaga bag within the first year of doing this business.

This year, I got myself a bag. Remember that bag? Well, I didn't get this one. It was out of stock! But Im getting a different bag which is about RM16,000. All from my Naturally Plus IZUMIO business earnings. This time, Im buying the bag myself, not with the money from my other income. All from IZUMIO business. How freaking awesome? Could it be a Dior? Could it be a Chanel? Jeng Jeng Jeng. Watch this space, I will update in a week or so.

Anyway, this post is not about just buying a bag. Who cares about a bag? I know I dont. I have so many bags already. But this post is about financial independence and the satisfaction I get every month when I see that income coming in my account. I have enough money, alhamdulillah. I am actually very comfortable already thanks to my dearest husband who is a good provider. But the satisfaction I get seeing theres income coming every Wednesday. I'm very happy I can splurge every now and then with my own money. I feel guilty spending money my husband gives me sometimes, but now with my own money, I can do whatever I want. I earned it! Be it just RM1000, still is a good weekly income. RM500 or RM1000 is how much I spend on my kids sometimes. Now, I have extra to spend of myself. Even it is just to buy that extra lipstick (that I dont need) or going for that extra facial or even for a massage. For some, it would be extra cash to pay for daycare, kids extra classes, insurance or even for emergency. Every ringgit counts!

I'm reaching another milestone in the NP business soon and I have to thank Mamapumpkin for being a good leader. Really, she is the best. She motivates us and pushes us in the right direction. She doesn't just want us to make money, she wants us to make money the right way. No hanky panky. She always remind us not to be so desperate for money. We are all consumers anyway. We are not slaves so usually when I get a demanding customer, I will just politely tell them to go somewhere else.

If you haven't tried the products or want to earn some extra cash, please get in touch with me. Sharing is caring. Even if you are super healthy or can't afford it, someone else might need this product. Please refer them to me. The product sell by itself. I dont have to do much except maintain a few social media and share about the products. I do this mostly from the comfort of my own home.

Come and join us! We are looking for new business partners to join our growing team. We have packages for those with low or zero capital. As long as you are happy to share (even if it is just on the social media) we want you on our team.

Everyone starts from zero. If you want that extra income and willing to work, come talk to me! I won't bite!
Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Langkawi Wildlife Park

photo from google
One of the things we wanted to do during this trip to Langkawi was to visit the Langkawi Wildlife Park. I read that it is like a mini petting zoo. Kids will love it.

I read on the internet that you can get the tickets cheaper if you purchased it online. I didn't get the tickets online because I just didn't have time to do so. We asked the St. Regis Concierge to help us book online but he told us to just get it when we get there. Pfft!
It wasn't that expensive anyway. Whatever lah. We could have saved like RM12 but we didn't.

Luckily there wasn't many people. Adult RM39.00 and Kids RM22.00. I think we got some kind of package or something because it came with 2 packs of food to feed the animals. We only bought 1 more extra pack, just in case it wasn't enough.

First, before entering the place, they will ask you to take a family photo at the entrance. A couple of parrots will be placed on your hand as props. Me, being a scaredy cat…, freaked out!!! So embarrassing I swear. I dont know why I even bother coming because I am terrified of animals. Even cats. But for my kid's sake, I went along. I like to look at animals, I just dont want them near me.
So you can imagine how our family photo looked like. I was screaming. Yea.

This place is not that big but it is a perfect size and animals all looked happy and healthy. My kids had so much fun. There were some animals that they let loose but some were in the cage. They will leave a space for you to feed them and it is perfect. My husband loves animals…he was the leader. My son was pretty brave too but my daughter and her mama was like hiding behind. She wasn't too bad actually.

My most scariest part was the monkeys. I didn't know if they let them free or what so I was freaking out the whole time expecting some monkey to come near me. When I saw the signs for monkeys, I wanted to die. But my son and husband just walked in. I was so scared it took us (myself and my daughter) to enter that area. Can you believe the boys just left us????

Turns out, the monkey is in the cage! fuyoohhh. I was so happy!!!

My kids love rabbits and they were excited to see so many of them here. These rabbits were super hungry I tell you. Jumping near us like crazy. I am quite scared of them but they're so cute, I wasn't as scared but still, I did jump a bit when they come near me!

After spending time with the rabbits, we walked towards the horse. My daughter asked me why the horse looked so sad. LOL. It did look sad. I told her maybe the horse is sad because he is being tied. Maybe he's tired or sleepy.

Another favourite spot is with these fishes. Feeding them was fun because they actually filled up a milk bottle with fish food and tied the bottle using a long stick. Kids found it funny. They said it is like feeding babies.

We had a nice few hours here. Despite me being a scaredy cat, I'll be back. Next time I won't be so scared. Kids had an awesome time there. It was clean and not so stinky too.

We'll be back! I hope they maintain this place….. It's awesome!

Kid's ID

While we were packing for Langkawi, I told my daughter to remind her dad to bring their passports. He said "We dont need passport to go to Langkawi" and I thought he was just kidding my daughter. I thought he said that so she will feel like she's not going because she knows we needed our passports to travel by aeroplane (to overseas). I just laughed when he said that and agreed with him. I assumed he will bring their passport. But he didn't. (Not his fault because no passport needed for travels within Malaysia).

I was asking myself if I should bring their MyKid but I figured, since he is going to bring the passport, I will just keep the Mykid at home. I didn't double check with him.

At the airport, when we were checking in, I asked him for their passport and he said he didnt bring it. Why should he? We are not going to London. We are going to Langkawi. My heart dropped.
We were already late and now the kids have no ID on us. Shit!!!!!

I freaked out. Hubs had their birth certificate and MyKid photo on his phone and he said we'll just use that as ID. Would they accept it? I dont think so.

OMG. We are going to miss our flight!!!

We asked the lady at the MAS counter and she said she has no problem accepting photo ID but sometimes, at the gate, they need to see ID before letting people go on the place. Shit!!!!

Hubs had to run and ask the police at the gate if he can accept it. Thankfully, they said OK. Phewwwwww!!!!!

We were both blaming each other for not bringing the kid's IDs. I blamed him because I told my daughter to remind him to bring passport. I thought he was kidding when he said he's not bringing them. He blamed me for not bringing MYKID.

Again on the way back to KL, we had the same problem. We had to ask the counter. But somehow they weren't so strict. They didn't even ask for IDs before boarding.

Moral of the story is…. PUT KIDS MYKID in the WALLET, NOW!

Monday, August 15, 2016

St. Regis, Langkawi

My kids are on their long school break right now. I'm going nuts. We decided to take a short trip to Langkawi. The last time we were in Langkawi, my son was only 6 months old. It's been a few years! Our last trip to Langkawi was pretty fun. We stayed at the Westin and we had our own villa with our own private pool and my daughter had so much fun swimming there. My son was still a baby then. Rose was still with us at the time. I miss those days!

This time, we didn't know where to go. In fact, I dont really remember much about Langkawi except that our villa in Westin was really nice. I spent a few days reseaching (Mr. Google was very helpful) and asked a few friends I know who are Langkawi regulars.

I saw photos of the newly opened St. Regis and wanted to stay there badly. Turns out, the location is in town and next to the Westin. They're owned by the same owners apparently. Called and booked directly with the resort because we were unable to book via Agoda. I usually dont like to book direct because it is more expensive and we dont get to accumulate Agoda points but since I insisted on staying at the St. Regis, we went ahead and booked direct. It wasn't cheap too. We booked the St. Regis suite. It is slightly over USD600 per night. But we got a good deal which includes return luxury airport transfer, wifi, late check out. Do check out the promotions on the website.

We were greeted at the airport and picked up in a nice brand new Alphard. The airport is about 30 minutes away from the resort. We arrived the resort pretty early and way before the check in time.

Check in time is I think after lunch but we got there really early. Like maybe 11am or something. I was expecting them to tell us we couldn't check in first but the room was already available when we arrived. Check in was easy and pretty fast.

Main lobby & seating area
Love the colours

I love everything about the look of this resort. I wish my house looked like this. The decor, interior was really on point and to my taste. Love it. We love it so much that we went around taking photos so we can later show them to our interior decorator. Our apartment will be ready this year and we definitely want this look for our apartment!

I can so picture my own room looking like this

The view from our room
Our room was just nice. The suite isn't too big but it is just the perfect size for us. Love our suite so much! We have a really nice big balcony overlooking the beach and it's really nice to chill out there. We have a small living room too. Perfect room.

Walking towards the breakfast area
The dining room
These are banana fritters and teh tarik
Breakfast in the resort was awesome too. You can read about it here. We look forward to our breakfast every morning. Many variety to choose from. We didn't get to try other food in the resort because it was too expensive!

I would be crazy to pay these prices. Nasi Lemak for RM195 is a bit nuts, dont you think? We wanted to stay in the resort the whole day on the day of our arrival but looking at these, we had no choice but to rent a car and drive out for food. 1 Nasi Lemak can pay for our car rental for 2 days! They really shouldn't charge these crazy prices for food. Madness.

Anyway, the kids had fun staying at this resort. Overall it was an excellent resort…… but, let's share the not so good part….(other than the crazy food prices)

First of all, the pool is surprisingly very small. The children's pool is a joke to be honest because it was THAT small. And the worst part about the whole pool area is that they dont have enough seating area. Most of the seats are facing the beach, which sucked because I want to watch my kids swim in the pool but I couldn't do that. It was split level too whereby the big pool is on a higher floor and the kid's pool is one floor down. It is difficult to monitor the kids because there aren't any seats facing them and there are bench in front of the kid's pool but when they run off to the big pool, I couldn't see them unless I climb up and literally stand on the bench! I dont know how to explain but basically, it is not good!

These seats are all facing the beach. And there are more seats on the beach facing the beach. Pfft? Wouldn't it be better to just have some around the pool instead?
Nonetheless, we all still had fun swimming. I wish it was easier to monitor and watch the kids around the pool but ah well, we still had an awesome time.

We had some problems with our room key on our second day. We just came back from shopping and kids was eager to swim. It was already 5pm then. We were hoping to come back and swim before dinner. When we got back, our keys didn't work. It took them an hour to get it fixed. Apparently it was some big problem with it. We wasted 1 hour waiting. We waited at the bar and they offered us drinks.

When we got inside the room, the room felt hot. Like the air-condition wasn't working or something when all along, the room was always super duper cold. It was weird and my husband said the air cond is probably not working. We didn't really care because we wanted to get in the pool ASAP before it gets dark. We got back in the room at about 7.30pm and it was still hot. My husband called them to complain and they told us they will come and check but didn't. We were waiting for an hour for them to come and we were late for dinner. We couldn't wait any longer as the kids was hungry and just left for dinner. But we called them again to let them know that they can come in to check while we were out.

We came back from dinner at about 10.30pm and the room was still hot. No ventilation too because once you open the balcony door, the aircond will automatically be switched off. We couldn't let the door open and suffered with no ventilation. We kept calling them to get it checked but it was as if they couldn't do anything about it. They acknowledged that there is a problem but didn't tell us how long it will take to get it fixed. My kids went to bed sweating like crazy.

At almost 12am, my husband couldn't take it anymore. He couldn't sleep because it was too hot. We called the manager to complain, AGAIN. He told the manager that if they dont get it fixed, he is checking out of the resort that night and he's not paying!!! He was furious. We didn't pay over RM2000 per night to sleep this way! My kids was sweating like crazy. After he said that, I was like "Huh?? Where are we going to find a place to stay at 12am??"

Finally, they offered us another room.

The hotel is fully booked by the way and the only room available is their Panaromic Suite which is SUPER HUGE. We didn't know they were going to give us such a huge room. We didn't care anyway. As long as we can go to sleep comfortably and kids are comfortable, that's all we wanted.

At 12.30am, we started moving stuff to the bigger room. Packing at midnight is such a hassle!!!! Kids were already sleeping. Once we moved to the room, we just carried them to the new suite. When we go in, we were shocked to see the room. It's a beautiful room with beach view and garden view. It is HUGE!!! Living room is even bigger than my house! Awesome!
It even had an office and a kitchen.

We spent 1 night in the small suite and 2 nights in the bigger suite.

As much as the Panoramic suite is lovely and big, we actually preferred the St. Regis suite which was the room we booked and paid for. It was just perfect for our family. Ah well. View is awesome though. The balcony was huge too. We had fun chilling out there.

Basically that was our experience at the St. Regis Langkawi. We didn't get to explore the Spa this time. Maybe next time.

Also, because The Westin and St. Regis are sister resorts, we are free to use the facilities in the Westin too. They didn't have a kids club at the St. Regis but we were allowed to go to the Westin and use their kids club. We didn't have time to hang out there but we did take a buggy drive to Westin and kids played for a bit in their kids club.

Check out was fast and easy too.

A new BMW 7 Series drove us to the airport. It was a nice comfortable ride to the airport. So comfortable, kids slept!

Goodbye St. Regis. We will be back, for sure!

Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan Langkawi

During my 4 days 3 nights stay in Langkawi, I got the chance to explore some makan places. I didn't know where to go obviously, so I did a Mr. Google and just go from there. I also asked some friends for recommendation.
Banana fritters with teh tarik, lobster omelette, Dim Sum, Egg custard

1. St. Regis, Langkawi, Kuah
The breakfast spread at the St. Regis was awesome and everything I hoped for. It had a huge variety and I couldn't say anything but it is superb!!!! I was spoilt for choice and sometimes didn't even know what to eat anymore. You could choose from whatever they have on the buffet (which is pretty much everything including Champagne!) but if not, you can just sit and order from the menu. Dont worry, everything on the menu is inclusive of the buffet anyway. If you are like me, lazy to walk too much, just order and they will send it to you. Or, if you are lazier than me, you dont even want to look at the menu, their wonderful staff will walk around and offer you food. They'll come to you every now and then and ask if you would like to try whatever they are carrying. I love it!!!

Other than breakfast, we didn't eat at the hotel because the prices are a bit too crazy for me to accept. Nasi Lemak at a whopping RM195! Crazy right? You can feed 10 people at a local restaurant most probably! So no, we didn't get to try those. But I'm sure the food is awesome because if not, someone will go crazy paying that much for lousy food.

Verdict: 8/10

 2. Fair Cafe, Kuah
This cafe is located at the Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall which is in Kuah town. It is about 2 minutes away from our resort by car. We didn't know where to go and after browsing on the internet about places to eat in Kuah town, this restaurant came up. We decided to give it a go because it had a combination of Middle Eastern food and also Indian food. They also have Pizza and burgers.

It is a pretty big cafe with both outdoors and indoors seating. We ordered Briani rice, Lamb rogan Gosh, some naan bread and also some Tandoori Chicken.

The food wasn't nice at all. sigh.

I was really disappointed to say the least. We were all pretty hungry and had no choice but to eat. The bread was the only thing that was alright. The rice was also nice and tasty. But the Rogan Gosh and the Tandoori Chicken was a big disappointment. It was tasteless. I was expecting some spice but there was none. Yuck. It wasn't cheap too. Each dish is about RM30 - RM40

Verdict: 5/10

3. Wonderland Food Store, Kuah
This is a local favourite. It was packed with people and mostly are the locals. It is about 10 minutes away from our resort. They have all sorts of seafood chinese dishes. We ordered steam fish with oyster sauce, kailan with garlic, buttered prawns and lala in chili sauce. All were yummy. Total bill was only RM90.00. Good value for money indeed.
Their waiter and waitresses are all super nice and friendly too. This restaurant is an outdoor place and by 8.00pm there is already a long queue.

Verdict: 9/10

4. Wan Thai Restaurant, Kuah
We googled and this restaurant came up. It is really near our resort too so we decided to go check it out. All the waitresses / waiter can speak Thai. Made me feel like it must be really authentic.

We ordered tofu, mango salad, siakap 3 rasa and chicken with cashew nuts and dried chilies. Food was average. The fish wasn't so fresh and a bit soggy. The chicken was also soggy. Taste was ok but just that it wasn't so fresh. Mango salad was also very average. My kids really enjoyed the tofu dish tho. It was pretty tasty.

Bill came up to over RM120.00

Verdict: 5/10

5. Fat Cupid, Pantai Cenang
This place was all over the internet and also on Tripadvisor. Pretty famous I must say. We went there for lunch. We weren't that hungry because we had a huge breakfast at the hotel earlier. We got on our WAZE and drove to this cafe. At first we thought it was the wrong place because the road going in there is very small. Almost looked like it is the wrong place but it was. This cafe is at a small boutique hotel. Really nice and cozy place.
We ordered Fish & Chips and Chicken Rice to share.

Food was not bad. Quite good. Bill was under RM100.00

Verdict: 7/10

6. Fish Farm, Kuah
This restaurant is also very popular. It is located 2 minutes away from our hotel. It is a typical seafood restaurant whereby you choose what you want to eat and they'll weigh it and cook it. We ordered Steam Fish with Soya Sauce, Kailan with salted fish, Buttered prawns.

Steam fish was ok. Kailan was way too salty and buttered prawns was alright.

Bill came up to about RM200 over. View is nice and I think this is a popular place for tourist because it is advertised in the Langkawi map you can get from the airport with the local attractions.

Verdict: 7/10

7. Langkawi Noodles, Langkawi Airport.
We had a meal at the airport right before our flight. They have a good selection for kids. Their kids menu was pretty good and a good portion. I had nasi goreng kampung and we also ordered some dumplings and Chinese Fried rice.

Food was not too bad and quite tasty. I would come and eat there again.
Bill was almost RM100. Quite pricey.

Verdict: 7/10.