Thursday, December 1, 2016

2017 New Years Resolution

Can you believe it is already December? I can't believe it. This year went by so fast and alhamdulillah, it has been a good year thus far. I couldn't ask for more. I am truly blessed and grateful for 2016. I had quite a rough 2015 but 2016 couldn't have been better.

It is December and it is time to list down my New Year's Resolution. Did you manage to fulfil your 2016 resolution? I know I didnt. Yikes. 🙈 To be honest, I dont really remember it.

What should my 2017 New Year's Resolution be? Hmm….. I dont want to be too ambitious.

1. I need to be more spiritual and closer to Allah. I've been slacking and I think even my children is starting to take notice. My daughter will be 7 next year and she will need to start praying. How can she start if I am not a good role model? This is something I think I really need to do.

2. I hate working out. In fact, I dont work out - ever. I dont even own work out outfit or even shoes to work out. But age is catching up and I need to build my stamina and start doing mild exercises, even if it is just from home.

3. Give more. I think I've done a pretty good job this year and I am very proud of myself. But next year, I want to do more for others. InsyaAllah.

4. Save money and make more money is of course something I want to do. I hope my IZUMIO business will keep growing. I'm earning a very comfortable amount of money from my business but hopefully in 2017, my income will grow. Im very hopeful.

5. Pay more attention to my growing children. Quality time instead of quantity. I spend a lot of time with them but we dont spend quality time as we are always busy with our own thing. This year, I hope we will spend less time on our gadgets and more time talking. Not just with my children, I want to spend more time with my family. Mum and Tokmi in particular but also with my husband's side of the family. My parents in law especially.

There you go…..

Have a good December, everyone. Be happy!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Sponsored Post

My son will be going to big school soon and one of the things that I needed to do is to label his books, shoes and even his uniform. He's never been to a big school before. Labelling his school items is necessary otherwise it will be confusing and difficult for him to identify his belongings. He knows how to write and read his name now so best way to ensure that he can identify his belongings is to label them.

While I was researching for a place to get this labels done, I found StickerKid. They have everything I need for this exercise.  They have all sizes and they are good quality ones too. I decided to order their Value packs for school. I think it is good enough for us to start with. The package I chose comes with shoe stickers (awesome!), small & large stickers and also permanent clothes labels for his uniform.

Ordering from Stickerkid is super easy and very straightforward. When I received my items. I was super excited as I chose a cute Ninja sticker for my son who is very much into Ninjas right now. He was happy to see his name on the stickers too.

What I love about Stickerkid is that their products are good quality stickers. Their stickers are also washing machine and tumble dryer resistant. You need that! I also didnt know this earlier but all their items are manufactured in Switzerland.

Stickerkid is kind enough to offer 10% discount to all my readers. Use the code ZuraSK upon checkout and you will be entitled to the discount. This offer is valid until 15 December 2016. Happy shopping!

Monday, November 28, 2016


You know my maid issues, right? Well, it's been months since we've been maidless. To be honest, if only they can refund back our RM17,000 I will be happy being maidless. Or just hire from our old agency again but unfortunately, they were only willing to refund like RM6000 or something stupid like that. Even then, there's no guarantee how long it will take for them to refund. We had no choice but to follow their game.

Honestly speaking, I am expecting them to play this game forever.

But yesterday, I got a text from the agent to say that my new maid is due to arrive on Wednesday.


I am feeling so nervous. After our bad experience with the last maid, I dont know what to expect. Furthermore, I recently saw a video of this Indonesian maid and that scared the crap out of me. This maid had apparently given her employer to drink blood from her period. Ewwwww… It was so gross. She got caught and her employer forced her to drink the blood back and she did on video. Argh.

In the car, I was talking to my husband about this and he told me to be more careful this time. I am very easygoing and I often close one eye or sometimes both when it comes to maid. I let them get away with a lot and my husband would always tell me off for that. To me, as long as it is not so bad… I just let it slide. Im not fussy. But this time, he said we need to be strict!

Our lives will again change this coming week and I am nervous. Please pray for us.

Please dont send another psycho over! 1 was enough.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Big boy

My son is slightly over 4 years old now and I can't believe he's all grown up now. I really miss that little baby! It is like he grew overnight or something.

He is still going to the same school. Well, it is not really a school. More like a playgroup. 10 kids with 2 teachers. They dont have a specific curriculum. Everyone does their own thing at their own pace. What I love about this place is Ms Rose is a very experienced and dedicated teacher. She's strict with the kids (no nonsense kind of teacher) but yet she's loving and the kids love her. Her students have all gone to do great things so I know, I did the right thing by sending both my kids there. My daughter didnt go to a kindy and she went straight to Year 1 just under Ms Rose's wings. She's done well in school despite not having the exposure the other kids had in kindy but I feel like my daughter is well behaved in school and her social skills are good so I must credit Ms Rose for all this.

Being in 2 different schools and on different parts of Klang Valley, we have trouble commuting. Well, actually, it is not so bad and doable but we feel maybe our son is now ready to join big school with his sister. Initially we thought he will be fine with Ms Rose till Year 1 but then he is so ready for big school we figured, perhaps we can send him to big school sooner and Year 1 won't be so difficult for him. We went back and forth with the idea of starting him sooner and finally came to a decision that it will be good for him. 

Last week, we paid the fees (and boy it is not cheap!) and he sat for his entrance exam like a champ!!

I must admit that being the second child, he does get a lot less attention than his sister did. He is sometimes easily forgotten. Like, I remember when my daughter was 4 years old, I would sit down and do work with her but for my son, I can honestly say, I haven't done it. What kind of mother am I for neglecting my son? Shame on me! I just let him play and play and play. He doesn't need to do any work at all because I am busy coaching my daughter.

Few months back, my son started showing interest in reading, writing and maths. We didnt even notice it but he started asking us to watch him read and count. It is super awesome. He is so smart. In fact, he is showing that he is smarter than my daughter in many ways. I used to think my daughter is a genius because she is so smart but my son, he is the genius actually. LOL. (My kids aren't geniuses, I am their mother, everything they can do is awesome to me)

I am so proud of my son. I can't take any credit for it because I haven't done any work with him.

Last night he counted 1 to 101. He is so proud that he can count until 101. I asked him who taught him to count and he said it was his dad. 

I really need to pay more attention to this little fella. He is so cute and awesome.

I'm a proud mama.

Next year, he will be joining his sister in big school. I know he won't have a problem at all. In fact, when he had to sit for his entrance exam, he was beaming with pride as he walked in the hall. After it ended, he kept asking when he can sit for another exam. He just couldn't wait to do it all. Cant wait to see him start big school. I know he will love it.

Favourite Store

Remember I bought a bunch of stuff from Kens Apothecary on my birthday month? Well, I haven't stopped since! *hides face*

I am obsessed with Ken's Apothecary. I love the store so much that even my daughter knows that it is my current favourite store. It doesn't help that they are everywhere I go. When I'm in BSC (they're there on the ground floor near Coffee Bean), when I'm in Bangsar Village (they're there on the 1st floor) and even when I'm in One Utama, they're there! I just couldn't stop myself going inside the store because everything is freaking awesome. No, this is not a sponsored post!

Back when I am in UK, my favourite shop are either the Supermarkets (Marks & Spencer, Sainburry's or even Tescos) or Boots. I love going in Boots because it is so cool. I can find just about anything there. I love buying supplements (I used to be obsessed and buy lots to stay healthy - but thank god now I dont because I just consume Super Lutein and it is enough for me!) and I love window shopping looking for makeup, facial stuff or even hair stuff in Boots. I just love Boots. LOVE IT! But in Malaysia, we dont have anything similar to boots. Please dont say Guardian Pharmacy or Watsons! Those really sucked.

In Boots, you can buy Makeup, you can buy health stuff, all sorts of beauty stuff and they even have all the perfumes and whatnot, you can even print photos in boots, buy gifts, buy food like sandwiches and basically, you can live there! It's really awesome. But here, I can't find anything that can come close.
So when I first discovered Ken's Apothecary, I was in love. Of course the range of products and the brands they carry are limited but I love everything there.

I think I am really moving away from Dermalogica for my skincare products. I have tried a lot of stuff from Caudalie and I am loving it so far. I have my eyes on these products from Ken's Apothecary and I am dying to try them… I haven't done any research yet but as soon as I do, I am getting them…

I've been stopping myself from going but I think I need to replenish some items. Love this store!
Thursday, November 17, 2016

Dreams & Nightmares

My son woke up in the middle of the night and told us he had a nightmare. "mummy, can you please tell Allahuakbar to give me good dreams?" and he went back to sleep. Luckily no crying. Alhamdulillah my kids dont have those crazy dreams.

This morning, I asked him what happened. His nightmare last night was about Annabelle. You know, that scary doll? We've never seen that movie but looking at the doll (on billboards) is enough to scare the crap out of us. So ya, apparently it was about Annabelle.

It got me thinking about my own dreams and nightmares.

In the past, when I was a lot younger, most of the dreams were involves running. I was constantly running in my dreams. Running away from someone, running towards something and catching someone. I always wake up feeling tired, because it is kind of like working out you know. Sleepexercising.

Yesterday, everyone posted about UPSR. Congratulations to those who got straight As. To those who didnt, dont worry it is NOT the end of the world. I remember my UPSR days. Everyone was busy going for tuition classes and whatnot but I couldn't care less. I managed to get 3As and 1B. I did alright not studying.

Speaking of exams and dreams, there's another dream that I always get and still get. It is about SPM and exams. Apparently this type of dream is pretty common. A lot of us dream about sitting for SPM and not prepared and failed (or did badly) and I am one of them who keeps getting this dream. Why SPM? I dont know. I remember I was worried because I didnt study (as usual) for SPM but I dont think I was that bothered if you compared it to the exams I sat in Uni. So I dont know why is it SPM that is haunting me instead of uni days exams.

Some dreams do have meanings. I dont know what mine are but when I think about those dreams I used to have where I was running, I think it is sort of telling me to achieve something, maybe? Keep chasing your dream kind of thing.

SPM dreams? That I dont know.

What do you dream about? Some people dont dream. For me, going to sleep and having dreams is the fun bit. My kids and I always talk about our dreams when we wake up in the morning. I love it. Good topic to get their brains moving...
Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Save Money with Groupon Coupons

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

I was watching tv last night about how people save a lot of money by using coupons. It is amazing! This family got over $2500 worth of stuff from their local supermarket and only paid under $100 for it. It was mad. Very interesting too. I wonder if we have that here in Malaysia. 

Have you heard of Groupon Coupons? I've not explored it but after seeing the TV program last night about it, I think I should explore this further. With the economy that's going downhill, we all could do with some discounts here and there. Furthermore, Christmas is coming and in case you want to get your friends some Christmas gifts but dont have the time to shop around, now you can do it from work home. Groupon Coupons. is pretty awesome I must say. There's so many brands to choose from. 

I was looking at their website and discovered so many brands I am familiar with. Like for example, November is a busy month for me because I have a lot of birthdays happening this month. I dont have time to meet everyone for their birthdays so the best I can do is send them flowers for their birthdays. Best part is, with Groupon Coupons, I can get discounts codes from From You Flowers and use the codes for my order. Awesome right? Looking at their websites just makes me want to order some flowers for myself! I love those tulips. 

Other that From You Flowers,  I also love Things Remembered coupons. Do check them out. I saw so many gifts that I can purchase for Christmas. I can easily save 20% from Things Remembered Groupon Coupons.

I'm so excited to discover these. You should check them out. Let me know which brands you love to shop from. If you are looking to shop, make sure you use Groupon Coupons to enjoy their awesome discounts